Consultant Jobs In UNICEF 2023 Apply online

Introduction: Embark on a rewarding journey with UNICEF as we announce Consultant positions, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to global initiatives for children’s well-being. This introduction extends a warm invitation to skilled professionals ready to make a meaningful impact.

Join UNICEF and become an essential part of our mission to ensure every child’s right to a safe and nurturing environment. If you possess expertise in your field and are dedicated to creating positive change, explore the possibilities that await you as a Consultant at UNICEF.

Brief HistoryUNICEF, established in 1946, has a remarkable history of championing children’s rights worldwide. Over the years, UNICEF has played a pivotal role in providing health care, education, and protection to children in need. This brief historical overview encapsulates UNICEF’s journey, emphasizing its enduring commitment to improving the lives of the most vulnerable.

Job Description

As a Consultant at UNICEF, your role will involve leveraging your expertise to address specific challenges and contribute to UNICEF’s programs. Responsibilities may include conducting research, providing strategic guidance, or implementing specialized projects. The position demands a high level of professionalism, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the issues affecting children globally. Join UNICEF as a Consultant and be an integral part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to create a better world for every child.

Topics Details
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Criteria and prerequisites candidates must meet to be eligible for the Consultant position at UNICEF.
QUALIFICATION & EXPERIENCE Educational and professional experience requirements for the Consultant role.
JOBS SALARY AND ALLOWANCES Information on salary structures and additional allowances associated with the Consultant position at UNICEF.
Growth Opportunities Discussion on potential career growth and advancement within the United Nations Children’s Fund.
Documents Needed List of essential documents and certificates that candidates need to submit during the application process.
Benefits Overview of benefits, such as healthcare, retirement plans, or other perks associated with the job.
Duties and Responsibilities Detailed breakdown of the specific tasks and responsibilities expected from a Consultant at UNICEF.
SELECTION PROCESS Explanation of the steps involved in the selection process, including interviews, assessments, etc.
JOBS VACANCIES LIST Current or upcoming vacancies for the Consultant position at UNICEF.
AGE LIMIT Any age restrictions or specifications for candidates applying for the Consultant position.
CONTACT DETAILS Information on whom to contact for inquiries or additional details regarding job applications.
Start Date of Jobs

14 November, 2023

Last Date of Apply 24 November, 2023


To apply for a Consultant position at UNICEF, follow a systematic and thorough process to ensure your application stands out. Begin by carefully reviewing the eligibility requirements, ensuring that you meet the specified criteria for the role. Craft a tailored resume and cover letter that showcase your relevant qualifications, experiences, and how your skills align with UNICEF’s mission.

Visit the official UNICEF website or the designated job portal to access the application form. Follow the instructions on the application form diligently, providing accurate and detailed information. Pay attention to any additional documents or assessments that may be required as part of the application process.

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